Managing the Candidature Affairs (Academic-related)

  • Updating and managing student data in student portal
  • Transfer of Credits
  • Add, Drop & Course Withdrawal
  • Postponement of Study
  • Withdrawal of Study
  • Change of Supervisor
  • Change of Research Language
  • Change of Research Title
  • Change of Registration Type
  • Change of Program
  • Programme Upgrade
  • Extension of Study Duration
  • Special cases students (Appeal of RM & DA, conversion to PhD)

Manage Matters Relating to RM & DA, RM & DA Online and ODL

  • Manage Class Schedule
  • Appointment of Class Lecturer
  • Manage student helpdesk related to Compulsory Subjects

Provide SOP & guideline related to Candidature Affairs

Managing the Examination Related Matters

  • Obtaining examination information and examination questions from the faculty
  • Preparation of Exam Schedule
  • Appointment of the Chief & Assistant Invigilators
  • Oversee the Examination Process
  • Manage the Validation of Progress Report, Exam Score, Grades and KSTP Students (RM & DA)
  • Special Case (Appeal of the Examination Results, Revision of Marks, Plagiarism, etc.)

Managing the Oral Exam (Viva Voce) – Related Matters

  • Update the Qualifying Test (QT) Marks
  • Manage the Appointment of External Examiner
  • Receiving a Thesis for Viva
  • Managing Thesis Assessment (send documents to the examiner and manage the examiner’s report)
  • Establishment of Viva Committee
  • Setting up the Viva Voce Date and issuance of Viva Voce Result
  • Receiving the Reviewed Thesis (Hardbound)

Managing Student Requirement the Changes of Semester

  • Provide Progress Reports and Results to Students’ Financial Sponsor
  • Appeal for Continuation of Study

Provides SOP & Guidelines on Examination and Graduation

Managing the Graduation- Related Matters

  • Eligible to Graduate (LDI) Process
  • Printing of Scroll, Transcripts and Graduation Letter
  • Awards and Convocation Prizes
  • Convocation Committee

Managing the Language Related Matters

  • Organised IELP
  • Organised UEPT, UEPT online and UAPT
  • Manage English Exemption Application

Provides SOP & Guidelines on Graduation & Language Test


Managing Human Resources

  • Manage the Application of New Personnel
  • Monitoring Staff (PSH) Payment
  • Monitoring the Appointment of Staff
  • Monitor Staff Continuous Professional Development

Secretariat for Meeting / Academic-Committee

  • Administrative Meeting
  • JKPSU, JKPPS; To manage the overall requirement of the meeting
  • Senate, JPPA, MPA; To manage the collection of papers


  • Established Relation with Alumni
  • Engage in Foreign Relations
  • Liaison Officer for USIM Strategic Partner
  • Management of MoU, MoA & Visit (inbound / outbound)

Managing the Staff Welfare

  • Social Welfare Club
  • Department Retreat
  • Damage Complaint / Facility
  • Extension of Contract / Part Time

General Administration

  • Booking of tickets / hotel
  • Managing the Photostat machine

Helpdesk & Services

  • Monitoring of Graduate Student Society (GSS)
  • Managing the Front Desk (voucher / letter / EPF / sponsor / visa)
  • Handling Inquiries & Helpdesk
  • Managing Fellowship (Fellowship Recipients Selection, Advertisement, Selection Process, Issuance of Response and the Monitoring of Budget)
  • Publish PPS Bulletin
  • Moderator for book voucher & student confirmation letters

Student Support Programme

  • Organised Structured Course (Academic)
  • Organised 3MT Programme
  • Organised Open Day
  • Organised International-related Programme
  • Organised SARC
  • Organised Orientation Day

Social Media & Website

  • Updating the Website / FB / iPPS

Preparing SOP and guidelines related to Student Management

Generic Programs Management

  • Reviewing candidate’s application for admission
  • Reviewing candidate’s proposal
  • Appointing Supervisors for candidates
  • Monitoring the progress of students
  • Monitoring the quality of supervision and OPR
  • Managing QT
  • Managing appointment of thesis examiners
  • Secretariat of the Faculty Postgraduate Committee (JKPSF)

Managing Program Development

  • Monitoring market demand for the program
  • Promoting and marketing the program
  • Endure the program meets MQA standards

Preparing SOP and guidelines related to Generic Programs

Managing the ISO / Quality

  • Administrative Files
  • SOP
  • Guidelines (Administration)
  • MQA / Academic Quality
  • ISO / 5S / Audit-related
  • Asset


Data Management

  • Updating of MyMohes
  • Updating of Myra
  • Updating of SETARA Report
  • Preparation of the Data for Annual Report & Academic-Related Meeting
  • Supervise e-MDPS
  • Publishing of PPS Bulletin

Managing the Student Portal (iPPS)

  • System upgrade
  • System Maintenance
  • Migration and Integration
  • Student data update

Managing Student File

  • File storage system
  • Student file update

Provide SOP & guideline related to Data Management & ICT

Managing the Student Fees

  • Managing student ledger
  • Receiving and processing of Appeal for Fee Reduction / Student Registration Status (Finance Related)
  • Student payment records
  • Responding to Fees-Related Matters
  • Moderator for Fees Reviewing Process

Managing the Finance and Budget Allocation

  • Provide Budget Request Inventory / Assets
  • Managing the Purchase, Maintenance and Record Keeping
  • Acquisition of Materials and Supplies
  • Manage Petty Cash

Preparing SOP and guidelines related to Student Fees Management