Dear students, Beginning February 11th 2019 (Semester 2, Academic Session 2018/2019 (A182)), all applications for students’ verification/confirmation letter must be fully done through the iPPS system.

Please follow these steps on applying verification letters through the iPPS system (you may refer to the image attached):

1. Log-in to your iPPS account, and select ACADEMIC INFO
2. Select the sub-menu CONFIRMATION LETTER
3. Choose the type of confirmation that you intended to apply;
4. Fill in the details needed for the letter
5. Select the option VIEW
6. Select the option SUBMIT
7. Contact our Customer Relations staff at +6067978640 / 8641 to follow up regarding the availability of your verification/confirmation letter
8. You will receive an email from our (CGS,USIM) staff stating that your letter is ready to be collected
9. Please come and collect your letter at the CGS,USIM front counter
10. Fill in the form confirming that you have collected your confirmation/verification letter, at the CGS,USIM front counter


1. Only two (2) verification/confirmation letters (of any types) will be issued freely for every semester
2. Upon applying for the third (3) verification/confirmation letter, students will be charged RM10.00 for every letter.
3. Payment for such fees can be made at the CGS,USIM front counter
4. Please make sure that all the information required for the letter is correct and true.